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Our Sales Model Explained


At Multimok we sell directly to our community! All our newly offered gear is sold though pre-orders. It saves money for our community and helps us grow.

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  • Connie

    I understand the U.S. Forest Service rules in this part of Montana is a 2” wide webbing tree strap I have seen wrapped two or three times around the tree.

    I have used my hammock at U.S. Forest Service campsites on rivers, as well, without incident.

    I may hammock with it.

    I intend to use my Bivymok in the trees at my mountain property.

    I have climbing etriers I can use for getting in and out of my bivymok treehouse.

    I will decorate it with a camouflage net. It may be so well camouflaged I may not be able to get a good photograph.

    ..other than that, it will be very nice to have a bathtub floor net tent with an optional rainfly.

    I will get some photos.

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