Dyneema Skeleton for Multimok System

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The Multimok 'skeleton' is used together with accessory liners to create a fully adaptive suspended camping experience. Set up versatility is managed with the support and safety that the Multimok skeleton provides. The skeleton is compatible with all accessory layers.

Skeleton Specs:

  • 257.5 cm X 137.5 cm w/out loops
  • 267.5 cm X 147.5 cm w/loops
  • Openings 12.5 cm Square
  • Dyneema Webbing 2.5 cm
  • O-ring, 50 mm diameter, 5 mm thickness, 21kN
  • Holds up to 1000 lbs
  • Pack weight: 1 lb 15 oz

*Carabiners and suspension straps sold separate.