16' Knotted Daisy Chain Cord

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High tensile strength cord (UHMWPE). Recommended for suspension and non-structural support, ridgelines and rigging.

Our cord has all the features you need for hammock camping. It's lightweight, strong and adjustable. The knotted cord allows for clipping in at any interval. Can be used with or without carabiners for suspension.

  • Dark grey
  • 16 feet, (5 meters) long
  • Minimal stretch
  • Knotted every 6"
  • Non-slip knot under load
  • Made of 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Load Options

  • 500 lb load limit - 500#

The knotted daisy chain is designed to work the same/similar as a soft shackle. The more weight it carries the more secure. Because our product is designed to be taut at all times the knot is locked into place with tension. We use a non-slip knot, failure takes place before the knot moves. For those that prefer not to use the knot the option of using carabiners is also facilitated by the knotted daisy chain cord.

Excellent option for all your outdoor rigging needs!