The Core of Multimok

We believe community, adventure, innovation, appropriate gear and getting outdoors can help provide superior life satisfaction. The necessary sense of achievement is one of the natural benefits of mingling with Earth's opulence. We take advantage of time to get work done and let things go.

Our camp is composed of individuals and organized groups. We find time to get outdoors and enjoy activities from high adventure to park outings. Respecting and appreciating nature is part of who we. It’s something we enjoy in life. In our camp we are all individuals. We build upon unity by focusing on the support and inspiration we can provide to our immediate and future camp members. We reach to advance and assist.

We provide our community of adventurers with outdoor gear and apparel—directly and through pre-order. This allows our leadership to maintain influential relationships, assure lower production costs and remain agile in design. Our innovative and transparent business model provides our market with the lowest costs on the highest quality products available. Our efforts to supply our knowledgeable community with quality product is based on our desire to inspire outdoor activities, properly equipped.

We work to put our camp first by offering quality gear, practical knowledge and effective support from start to finish. 

We've Got Your Back!